A mom finding her way through divorce to a new life. Scientists fighting ecological disaster. A journalist who becomes a detective. A memoir of survival in German-occupied France. A B&B owner who also fights supernatural intruders.

These are a few of the stories I've had the pleasure of narrating

Have you ever been so entranced by a book that you lose track of the rest of the world? It's a great feeling, right? So how lucky am I to lose myself in books... as a job? There's nothing like the thrill of channeling an author's words and bringing them to life. 

I specialize in first-person fiction, mysteries, romance, "chick lit", YA fantasy, and contemporary non-fiction. With training in Shakespeare and Musical Theater, I enjoy the challenge of finding just the right vocal pitch and cadence for a novel's worth of characters!

You'll find me at any studio in the New York area, or at home in my Studiobricks booth in Manhattan. 

By the way, for Romance novels with seriously naughty bits, you'll find me under the name Elaine Stone.