Kristin Price VO Homepage

Hi there, and welcome! I'm Kristin Price, and it's great to meet you.

My story: After years as a musical theater gal - Dancing! Singing! Jazz Hands! - I was somewhat surprised to discover that my true calling involved standing still and talking calmly into a mic. Over the past decade I have recorded hundreds of commercials, narrations, and phone systems, plus a variety of audiobooks and video games. It's the best gig in the world.

Ready? Let's Talk!

Meet Kristin!


Useful Tidbits:


Located in New York City - I can come to your studio or record at home.

Professional Home Studio - My Studiobricks booth features an AKG 414 mic, a UA tube pre-amp, the adorable RME Babyface interface, and ProTools.

Collaboration - If I'm recording at home, I invite you to join the session via phone patch or Skype so you can get exactly what you want right away.


Quick Turnaround - Let's beat your deadline, shall we?

Standard Hours - I'm available when you're available, during all normal business hours. Evening or weekend sessions available with advance notice.

On-Camera Acting - Yep, I offer that as well! Check out my On-Camera page.